Using your own domain is available starting from the Standard plan.

You can publish Pageflow stories under your own domain. That way permalink URLs of your stories can use your own domain instead of the default * domain. 

In the following steps, we will assume that you are the owner of the domain and wish to publish Pageflow stories under Given there is an entry called my-story in your account named my-account, you want it to be available via

instead of the default permalink:

DNS Configuration

As a first step, you need to make changes to the DNS configuration of your domain. This takes place outside of Pageflow. The exact details of the process depend on the tools you are using to manage your domain. You need to create a so called CNAME record of the following form: IN CNAME

Depending on your DNS management tool, in order to create this CNAME record, it might also be necessary to enter the two domains ( and in separate form fields. Consult the documentation of your DNS management tool for detailed instructions.

Once created, the CNAME record will instruct your DNS server to point browsers visiting to the Pageflow server.

Pageflow Configuration

To make Pageflow serve your stories to people visiting via your domain, you need to tell Pageflow about your domain and associate it with your Pageflow account. That way it can also be used in permalinks of your Pageflow stories.

Once logged in to your Pageflow account, visit the Settings page and enter your domain:

After submitting the form, your Pageflow stories will be accessible via your domain.

Setting up a Redirect URL

Now that your stories are available via your domain

you might be wondering what people see when they visit your domain without specifying a story:

By default, this URL redirects to But you can setup a custom redirect destination by entering a URL in the Redirect URL field just below the Domain Name field on the Settings page.

You can choose whatever URL you like. For examples:

  • Enter the permalink of one of your Pageflow stories to use it as a landing page. You can use the external link page type to link to other stories in your account.

  • Maybe you have a website that is hosted at or you want to create a custom landing page that lists all your Pageflow stories. Note however that this additional content has to be hosted on a separate server or web space.

Using Domains without a Subdomain

Let's say you want to make your Pageflow stories available via URLs of the form:

For technical reasons, it is not possible to create CNAME records for domains without a subdomain (e.g. the "story" prefix in the above example). For those domains, you need to create a so called A record in your DNS configuration. While it's technically possible to create A records that point to the Pageflow server, we currently do not offer support for this setup.

Instead, you will need to sign up with a third party web provider to host The hosting provider can help you set up a redirect from to an URL like or that uses a domain with a subdomain. You can then follow the above instructions to configure a CNAME record for one of those domains.