This feature is only available in Pageflow Next stories.

Pageflow provides an easy way to integrate file downloads, such as for PDF documents, within a story. You can also offer video or audio files (e.g., podcast episodes) for download.

Step 1: Upload the file

Open the Pageflow editor. Go to "Manage files" and upload the file you want to offer as a download for the reader. Depending on the file type, Pageflow will add the file to one of the tabs like "Images", "Videos", or "Audios". PDF documents and other types go to the "Other" tab.

Step 2: Create a text link

Add a text block and type the text you want to use as the download link. Selecting the text displays a hovering toolbar. Click "Insert Link".

Step 3: Select the file

In the "Create Link" dialog, click "Select file" and choose which type of file you want to offer for download. 

The dialog closes, and the sidebar displays the list of your files. Clicking the "Select" button of a file inserts the link.

You can hover over the link to see which file the reader can download.