Configuring branding options is available starting from the Standard plan.

Pageflow gives you different options to customize the appearance of your stories. Upload your logos, adjust colors, and choose among different fonts to make your stories fit in with your overall brand or design.

Step 1: Visit settings page

Starting from the dashboard, click on the "Settings" menu item in the top navigation bar:

Step 2: Select a story type

Pageflow Next and Pageflow Classic stories offer different customization options. Select "Themes > Pageflow Next" in the sidebar of the settings page to change settings for all of your Pageflow Next stories.

Step 3: Customize and preview

At the top of the page, Pageflow displays two views of an example story to simulate how your stories will look on Desktop browsers and mobile devices, respectively. Toggle between the different tabs, make changes and see how your settings take effect.

Once satisfied, click "Save" to apply the settings to all stories, including those already published. That way, updating your stories is easy once your logo or corporate identity changes.