You can embed stories via iframe. Just use the following code and paste your account name and title of your entry:

<iframe scrolling="no" src="" allowfullscreen onmousewheel=""></iframe>

Pageflow automatically generates and shows this code on the entry's overview page:

Size of iframe

To modify the size of your iframe just add width and height (in % or pixel). Please notice that Pageflow switches to its mobile navigation at a width minor 700 px. The mobile navigation button will then be displayed instead of the desktop navigation bar.

<iframe width="xy %height="xy pxscrolling=nosrc=" onmousewheel=""></iframe>


How an embedded Pageflow can look like, can be seen in this example: 

"Luxemburger Wort" - World Press Photo 2016



Configure Share Buttons with your own URL


Since the update to 0.10.0 Pageflow allows you to configure the Share Buttons with your own URL. This is recommended, if you embed stories via iframe into your website. Just click on "Title & Options" and them on "Social" to type in your own URL. If this window stays empty, Pageflow will link to your published story automatically.