Possibilities / Overview

Pageflow is a user-friendly tool for creating multimedia stories. If you want to explore a story in depth, Pageflow can be of great assistance to present your story. Pageflow however does have some limits as well: Not every story can be told with Pageflow. You need to be sure that you have enough material and the right gear, like good cameras for photos and videos in HD quality. Do you have good microphones? And do you have editing software? In contrast to other web-reports, Pageflow presents images and videos in full-screen mode and weaves them together with the text. This means that if you want to end up with a visually attractive report, the media content needs to be of high quality. Pageflow reports should set themselves apart from other formats and should offer the readers something special. If you only want to use text and photos, you might want use a classical format like WordPress.

It is advisable to prepare the media files you want to use in the Pageflow report well. It is very helpful to save all audio files, background-video-loops, videos, photos and texts in the final version and put them in a separate folder.


Besides the technical requirements, we advise a structural planning aid: the storyboard. The draft helps you to visualize the structure of your story, to develop an area of focus and to figure out which medium should be used for which part of the story. It doesn't matter whether you create a digital storyboard or simply use a piece of paper, but a good structure and reflective choices help you create a proper narrative. If you simply place photos and videos next to one another at random, the user probably won’t understand the aim of your multimedia story. But if you are able to combine your various elements, so that the story speaks for itself, then you will enjoy your work with Pageflow all the more.

Storyboard Software
http://www.storyboardthat.com (Free trial)
http://www.6sys.com (Free trial)


The Pageflow editor distinguishes between the following types of pages: Background-picture, background-video, video, audio. Besides that you can embed movies from Youtube & Vimeo and use interactive charts, created with Datawrapper. Even 360° panoramic images can be used, if they are created with KRPano.

This also means: Video-loops for the „Background-Video“ should be cut to the proper length. Audios should also be cut to fit the length of the written text and the time that you expect the user to remain on the page.

Image Details across platforms

Due to Pageflow's responsive approach and the aim to always show images in full panel (without black bars top/bottom or left/right) background images and background videos are zoomed in. 

Motifs/graphics should therefore always be positioned or selected within a "safe area" in such a way that they also work in portrait mode (9:16 within a 16:9 background).

For consecutive pages with the same background image, the image details must be set identically to enable seamless scrolling.