For customers of KRPano we’ve installed the page type „360° Panorama“, that allows you to embed 360° pictures, built with KRPano. Simply follow these steps:

1. Open the KRPano folder

2. Drag n drop your folder with panorama images onto the template „MAKE PANO (NORMAL) DROPLET"

3. The terminal / DOS window opens, KRPano files will be created and saved directly into your original image folder. If the following message occurs while using the demo version:

Type of the panorama image? (0=None/Skip, 1=Flat, 2=Spherical, 3=Cylindrical)


please type in 0.

4. When processing is finished, close the terminal / DOS window

5. Convert your image folder (containing the KRPano files) into the zip-format

6. Open the Pageflow editor add a new page and choose the type „360° Panorama"

7. Upload your zip file and wait while processing, ready.

A full tutorial about how to use the tool can be found here.

For those of you who haven't heard about KRPano yet:

The software is easy to handle and can be tried for free. The only restriction while testing is an over-lay of watermarks. But: To actually use a full version of KRPano a license (159 € or 108 € for resellers) must be purchased. A tutorial about how to use the tool can be found here.