To add rights information for photos, audio, and videos in Pageflow Next, there are two basic options to choose from: 1. display in the info box or 2. directly at the media element.

1. Displaying File Rights in the Info Box

  • A) Use the file settings dialogue to display file rights and credits in a standardized format in the info box (). This is the default setting when uploading files.

Enter the rights information in the file settings, and it will be automatically shown in the info box (). This method is ideal for consistent, unobtrusive credit display, in case a name and a link are sufficient for the required attribution.

  • B) If there are different requirements for the representation of rights, the "Credits" field can also be filled in manually via "Title & Options" → "General". This option allows you to format the text and to identify the author by name, by title, multiple links and by additional information.


2. Displaying File Rights Inline

To display file rights directly at the media element, choose the 'At the element where it is used' display option when uploading. The settings can also be accessed via the gear icon (⚙) under 'Manage files' or directly when selecting a file by clicking on the icon with the three dots (⋮).

3. Configuring Appearance Options

Customize the display of credits using the following options:

  • A) Credits Icon: ©-icon next to the media element, which displays the rights information upon interaction, through mouse-over.

  • B) Text Below the File: Display credits as text directly under the media element for clear visibility.

Configuration for Multiple Uses 
Adjust these settings to fit the context, especially for media files that are used in different ways multiple times.

For example, if the same image is used as an inline image (1) and as a background image (2) in the same section, you can hide one of the two credits.