The Google Analytics integration is available starting from the Standard plan.

You can use Google Analytics to collect data about the number of page impressions of your stories and other statistical values.

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics 4 property

Follow the steps in the following tutorial to create a property with a data stream of type Web and obtain a tracking ID (also called "G-" ID).

Step 2: Enter the tracking ID in Pageflow

Starting from the Pageflow dashboard, click "Settings" in the top navigation bar and switch to the the "Analytics" tab. Activate the "Enable Google Analytics" check box and enter your tracking ID (also called "G-" ID) in the text field and click "Save".

Visitors will now see a consent dialog when they first visit your story. Once consent has been given, Pageflow starts sending usage data to your Google Analytics property.

It can take up to 24 hours for Google Analytics to start displaying reports. Data should start showing up immediately, though, in the "Realtime" section in Google Analytics. 

Starting from the Business plan, there also is support for integrating with Google Tag Manager and numerous other analytics providers including Matomo, IVW, SZM, Webtrekk, Piano Analytics, Comscore, etracker and more. Please create a support ticket to have us set up these trackers according to your needs.