The Plausible Analytics integration is available starting from the Standard plan.

For Pageflow accounts with less than 50k visits per month, we offer the use of the analytics service Plausible at no additional cost starting from the standard plan. Plausible Analytics allows collecting access statistics while preserving the privacy of your visitors. The service does not use cookies and does not store any personal data. Therefore, data collection can occur without having to obtain the visitor's consent through a consent layer.

Once the integration has been enabled, access to the statistics is available via the insights section on the dashboard of your Pageflow account:

How to activate Plausible Analytics for my account?

To use Plausible Analytics, you just need to submit a support ticket to us. We will take care of the setup, so you don't need your own account at Plausible.

Do I need to sign up for Plausible Analytics to see my data?

No, you don't need to sign up separately. The integration is done through your existing Pageflow account. You can access all the information directly via the Insights link on the dashboard.

Are there any additional costs for Plausible Analytics?

No, in all our plans starting from the standard plan, Plausible Analytics is included for accounts with less than 50k page views per month at no additional cost.

What happens if my site exceeds 50k page views?

We will contact you to discuss further options. We do not charge additional fees for exceeding the fair-use limit, but we reserve the right to temporarily deactivate the Plausible integration for your account.