Pageflow lets you publish and manage stories in multiple languages, ensuring your content reaches a wider audience. Simply create a story in one language, duplicate it for translation, and link the different language versions. Pageflow will include meta tags to make search engines aware of translated content. A language toggle in the navigation bar lets readers switch to their preferred language.

Step 1: Create Your Story in One Language

Start by creating your story in Pageflow using your primary language. Finalize all content, including text, images, and multimedia. Make sure the correct language is selected under "Title and options > Language" in the editor.

Please create a support ticket if the language of your story is not yet available in the list. For some of the offered languages, Pageflow also supports displaying translated UI texts (e.g., button labels in the navigation bar). English UI texts are used as a fallback. We are always looking for help to translate Pageflow to more languages. 

Step 2: Duplicate the Story for Translation

Once your story is complete, click the "Copy" button to create a duplicate, which you can then translate into another language, maintaining the structure and design of the original.

Just like in Step 1, don't forget to adjust the "Title and Options > Language" setting in the editor. 

Step 3: Link the Translated Stories

After translating the story, mark the duplicate as a translation of the original. Navigate to the "Translations" tab, click "Link translation" and select the original story from the list.

You can repeat step 2 and 3 multiple times to create a group of translated stories.

Step 4: Publish the stories to display the language toggle

Once the stories have been published, Pageflow automatically adds a language toggle to the navigation bar. This enables readers to switch between the available languages, providing a seamless reading experience.

When viewing a story in the editor or preview mode, Pageflow will include links to all translations of a story. Published stories only display links to translations that already have been published to prevent offering broken links.