Pageflow offers integrations for a variety of analytics services.

Plausible Analytics

Available for free starting from the Standard plan.

For Pageflow accounts with less than 50,000 views per month, we offer the use of the analytics service Plausible without additional costs starting from the standard plan. Plausible Analytics allows collecting access statistics while simultaneously preserving the privacy of your stories' visitors.

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Google Analytics

Available for free starting from the Standard plan.

You can use Google Analytics to track the number of views on your stories and gather further statistics.

Setup Instructions

Google Tag Manager

Available for free starting from the Business plan.

With the help of Google Tag Manager, you can connect different analytics services and collect detailed usage data of your Pageflow stories.

Setup Instructions 

Paid Third-Party Providers

Available starting from the Business plan.

Do you have an account with another analytics provider? Starting from the Business plan, Pageflow offers support for the integration of many different services:

  • ATInternet/Piano Analytics
  • Comscore
  • Contentsquare
  • etracker
  • Matomo
  • NetMetrix
  • Parsely
  • SiteImprove
  • Webtrekk
  • WiredMinds

Please create a support ticket so we can set up these trackers according to your needs.

The service you're using is not listed? We're happy to check whether we can add the appropriate integration. Just create a support ticket.