To enable the use of charts and maps, Pageflow collaborates with Datawrapper, an online tool to visualize data. Datawrapper provides an exclusive theme now, that is customized for the use in Pageflow stories.

Embed your chart by creating a new „Chart“ page and paste the Datawrapper URL on the „Files“ tab.

How to create and embed your chart

1. Copy & Paste your data. You can feed Datawrapper with any data from Excel, CSVs or the web.

2. Select your visualization. Choose from different graph & map templates (Bar, Column, Line, Donut Charts) to visualize your data.

3. Make sure that your data appears correctly and add descriptions. Choose „Pageflow“ in the „Design“ section, publish your chart and copy the URL, generated by Datawrapper.

4, Create a new „Chart“ page within your Pageflow and paste that link on the „Files“ tab. Done.

Please note, that a Datawrapper user account is required for creating charts. All necessary information can be found here: